City Limits: Bronx Families Face Greatest Barriers to “Well-Being” Across New York’s Counties, Report Finds


January 12, 2021

“The pandemic has caused families in New York to experience magnified levels of trauma in multiple ways, including illness, losing loved ones, financial distress and housing insecurity. A new report by Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, released Monday, analyzed pre-pandemic data to determine where the level of various risks to families’ well-being stood before the COVID-19 crisis — and found that families in the Bronx are facing some of the biggest threats, compared to other counties in the state.

The report assessed these risks to children and families by looking at 18 different indicators related to specific “domains of well-being,” analyzing data collected between 2015 and 2018 for each New York county, including child poverty rates, income levels, graduation rates, and the prevalence of overcrowded rental housing. The findings further reveal the troubling disparities that existed before the current health and economic crises, especially given how COVID-19 has intensified these risks, according to the group.”

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