CCC Statement on City Fiscal Year 2020 Preliminary Budget

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February 7, 2019

New York, NY — We appreciate the City administration’s desire to be prudent in the face of fiscal uncertainty that results from proposed state cost shifts, threats of another federal shutdown, or general concerns about a softening of the overall economy. However, no one feels uncertainty more than low-income children and families across New York City.  As Preliminary Budget hearings commence and the city administration works toward the release of the CFY’20 Executive Budget, due in late April, we urge the administration to take immediate action to:

  • Promote economic equity and school preparedness by investing in salary parity for the early childhood workforce.
  • Combat family homelessness by expanding investments in preventive and after care services to homeless families and increasing affordable housing set asides.
  • Promote school success by providing universal and year-round afterschool programming and expanding Bridging the Gap Social Workers.
  • Address the unmet mental health needs of children and families by investing in community-based behavioral health services.

To be the fairest big city in the nation, we must both protect and prioritize these services and supports to ensure every child in every family is health, housed, educated and safe.

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