Carribean Life: Racial disparities in maternal mortality


August 6, 2020

“As predominantly Black communities throughout New York City are ravaged by COVID-19, the city has been reminded of something it is a privilege to forget: the intense racial disparities that exist in healthcare access and quality, here and across the United States. Though any strain this daunting reality puts on families of color is appalling, in no aspect of life is systemic racism in healthcare more agonizing than in regards to maternal care.

Black women in New York City are 12 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than non-Hispanic white women. That is, for every family grieving the loss of a white mother, there are 12 other Black families suffering this same, unbearable trauma. As a mother, it pains me that for so many one of the greatest blessings in life is clouded by such devastation and crushing despair.”

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