ABC 7: Outraged parents, lawmakers lash out over New York City school closure


November 19, 2020

They agree with him on one thing, that schools are safe. That’s why they want them back open.

“Parents have been completely left out of this process. We have no seat at the table and we are here to take our seat at the table,” said Daniela Jampel, a parent.

That’s why Jampel helped lead this group of New York City parents down Park Row to the gates of City Hall.

“We represent more than 12,000 New York City parents who are demanding that schools open now,” she said. “Our message right now is we need to open schools now. Like, they should never have been closed. This 3% metric is arbitrary. It’s anti-science.”

The city’s own testing data backs her up. Out of more than 140,000 COVID tests among teachers and students since mid-October, just 308 have come back positive.

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