Statement: Advocates Applaud Governor Hochul, NY State Legislature on Eviction Moratorium Extension, Call For Long-term Solutions to Family Homelessness

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September 3, 2021

NEW YORK NY — In response to New York State extending the statewide eviction and foreclosure moratoria, the Family Homelessness Coalition, led by the Citizens’ Committee for
Children of New York, New Destiny Housing and Enterprise Community Partners, released the following statement:

“We thank Governor Hochul for her leadership in convening the Extraordinary Session to extend the statewide eviction and foreclosure moratoria until January 15th and we applaud the New York State Legislature for the infusion of additional funds to the state’s rent relief program. This will save thousands of families who owe back rent that they will never be able to pay, from
becoming homeless. As a next step, it is imperative that the State streamlines ERAP and gets money out the door to New Yorkers in need as soon as possible. In the weeks ahead, the State
1) increase outreach to vulnerable communities and landlords to ensure they understand the emergency relief they qualify for, 2) expedite the distribution of funds, and 3) remain transparent on the status of ERAP applications and decisions. The FHC also urges state leadership to tackle homelessness beyond tomorrow, enacting A8009, and putting state rental subsidies on par with actual rent levels in New York. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature to not only ensure rent relief is made available to vulnerable New Yorkers expeditiously, but also that families have access to the long-term supports they need to remain stably housed.”

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