Now’s the time for action: Speak out against federal budget proposals that leave children behind


March 17, 2017

The budget blueprint President Trump released this week cuts or eliminates funding for programs crucial to New York City children, and would be nothing short of disastrous for the city if enacted.

The President’s budget proposal would have a devastating and harmful impact on the poorest and most vulnerable among us as well as a tremendous and negative impact on the economy.

The blueprint leaves almost no areas of life for children untouched – the air children breathe and the water they drink, the school and summer meals that they eat, the after-school and summer programs they attend, the training their teachers receive, the public housing subsidies or home heating assistance many of their families rely upon, and much more are at risk.

This budget simply cannot and should not pass. Families who are struggling economically and who are already forced to make daily decisions and trade-offs will be pinched even further, and with no silver lining. The budget does nothing to reduce the federal deficit, and increases in defense spending nationwide come paired with huge cuts for counterterrorism work in New York City.

Congress will soon respond to the President’s proposal by writing the federal budget for the fiscal year set to begin in October 2017. We have an obligation to weigh in on the proposed blueprint and to ensure that federal lawmakers feel pressure to create a budget that prioritizes the health, safety, housing, and education of all children.

Please contact your representative and your senators and let them know that President Trump’s budget blueprint is a non-starter. Tell them that you believe the federal government should protect and expand funding for programs and services that help children and their families climb out of poverty and access opportunities and this approach to priorities is good for children, their families and the U.S. economy.

The proposals included in the President’s budget blueprint are stark reminders that we must continue to stay informed and speak up on children’s behalf. We must make it clear that an investment in children and their future is the smartest choice a government can make, and we are watching closely to ensure that’s what they do.


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