New Tools to Assess Needs and Opportunities in NYC Communities


February 13, 2017

We are proud to announce the launch of new Keeping Track Online data analysis and visualization tools that will transform our collective efforts to make New York City a better place for children.

In a city where one in five residents is a child, we know that far too many face profound barriers to well-being; and that the experiences of children across the city vary dramatically from one community to the next. CCC has worked over two decades to provide New Yorkers with the data needed to understand these challenges and identify solutions that influence positive and lasting change for children, families and communities.

Through Keeping Track Online we provide service providers, government officials, philanthropic leaders, advocates, and New Yorkers at large with hundreds of indicators about the status of children in each of the 59 community districts, five boroughs and citywide. Today, new data analysis and visualization tools build on this resource, allowing New Yorkers to explore both CCC’s Community Risk Ranking online and to overlay that analysis with data on the services, supports and infrastructure that exist at the community level. 

Altogether, the new Keeping Track Online features place at our fingertips for the first time ever a comprehensive picture of the needs and opportunities that exist in each community to improve outcomes for children and families. There is no doubt that this information will help us to be stronger, more informed advocates for our city’s youngest and most vulnerable.

I invite you to spend some time exploring the new tools on Keeping Track Online, and learn more about the lives of children and families throughout NYC communities:

  • Rank communities by risk to better understand the factors driving high risk levels in specific districts and whether or not those risk factors have changed at the community level over time.
  • Map community resources to unearth areas where attention must be paid to ensure families have access to the services and supports that help them overcome barriers to well-being.

It is our belief that these easy to use tools should inform robust discussions about the policies, programs and budget initiatives that are needed to ensure that our city’s communities are both sustainable and equipped to support and address the needs of children and families.

At CCC, this work has already begun. We are preparing to release a comprehensive needs assessment of the community of Brownsville, Brooklyn in the coming weeks.

We will use the new tools to expose pressing issues facing children and families across the five boroughs and 59 community districts and to pin point opportunities for greater qualitative research and advocacy.

We are also gearing up to partner with other community stakeholders in districts where risks to child and family well-being concentrate to identify opportunities and solutions to improve outcomes of children and families at the most local level.

CCC will keep you informed of our work through blogs, e-mails and social media and we will be hosting training sessions on these new tools in the coming weeks.

We ask that you keep us informed of your work and your use of our Keeping Track online data tools as well.

We are strong believers in the value and impact of fact-based advocacy, and we look forward to working with you to ensure that every child is healthy, housed, educated and safe.

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