Inspired by CCC’s 2016 Breakfast: A Message from Jennifer March


October 28, 2016


If you were among the 600+ people who joined us on Wednesday, October 26th for our annual Celebration Breakfast, thank you so much for making the early morning trip to the event. If you weren’t able to attend, please know that you were greatly missed – and that, as always, I am deeply thankful for your continued support of CCC.

I left the Breakfast feeling so inspired by our incredible speakers. Their unique stories reminded us all that we each have the power to take action and come together to create systemic change for the 1.8 million children living in our city.

To keep the conversation going, raise awareness of the issues the children of New York City face, and support CCC, there are several actions you can take:

  • Explore data on Keeping Track Online and to stay up-to-date on the well-being of children in New York City
  • Make a financial contribution to CCC that will allow us to maintain our independent, fact-based advocacy on behalf of all of New York City’s children
  • Stay tuned throughout the year for ongoing opportunities to learn more and take action

As a firm believer in strength in numbers, I urge you to take inspiration from our speakers and continue to seek out opportunities to be informed advocates for change. From Dr. Dan-el Padilla Peralta, remember that we need policies that can be scaled to the structural level. From Vanguard Award winner Julia Turner, that drawing attention to children’s suffering can illuminate broader social problems. From Samuel P. Peabody Award winner Ben Lear, that we need to inject humanity into our juvenile justice policies. And from Eleanor Roosevelt Award winner Heidi Stamas, that we should treat all of New York City’s nearly two million children as our own children, and not rest until every one of them is healthy, housed, educated and safe.

Your support and activism – whether you post on social media, make a donation, write to your officials, use and raise awareness of our data tools, attend a rally, or volunteer – are crucial to helping us achieve these laudable goals.

It is an honor to work with each of you to ensure that New York City is a better place for every child.

With gratitude,

Jennifer March, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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