Supporting Expansion of the State’s Safety Net to Mitigate Child Poverty

Testimony & Public Comments

October 26, 2022

By: Juan Diaz

On Wednesday, October 26th, Policy and Advocacy Associate Juan Diaz provided written testimony for the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Social Services hearing that examined the current public assistance benefits considering the economic instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation.

Juan testified on behalf of CCC’s support of the Child Poverty Reduction Advisory Council’s efforts to advance policy proposals that would enable families with children to recover from the current economic downturn and thrive long-term. These efforts include the expansion of the state’s safety net, housing vouchers and rental assistance, tax-based credits, food assistance and the minimum wage expansion. For the last two and half years, families across the state have continued to struggle with the compounding effects of job insecurity and reduced income, housing instability and food insecurity, and a 40-year high inflation rate that has dramatically increased the costs of basic needs like food and housing.

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