Public Protection Requires Public Investment: Testimony for the NYS Legislative Budget Hearing

Testimony & Public Comments

February 7, 2023

On Tuesday, February 7th, Policy and Advocacy Associate Caitlyn Passaretti submitted written testimony to the New York State Legislative Budget Hearing on Public Protection.

The testimony urges the legislature to recognize that we are in a period of need and that safety will only come through investments in communities and young people. Youth crime is continuing to decline and to ensure that this trend continues, we need resources to be moved to support families. The testimony highlights several recommendations that will combat poverty, secure affordable housing, invest in youth programs, and address behavioral health needs. Utilizing CCC’s Child and Family Well-being Index, Caitlyn points to the fact that all 62 counties in New York need support and that criminalization will never bring about public safety. You can read more about her recommendations in the submitted testimony.

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