Fall 2013 YouthAction Community Leadership Course: Findings And Recommendations

Issue Reports & Briefs

December 7, 2013

During this eight-week advocacy training course, YCLC participants met once a week after school to research and analyze youth issues, and to develop policy and budgetary recommendations to improve the lives of young people in New York City. This semester, the YCLC focused on the effects that environmental factors have on the health of communities. Students met with experts in the field, analyzed relevant data, and conducted site visits to organizations that provide services, conduct research, and/or work to influence public policy on environmental and public health issues.

While the broad topic of “Community Health and Wellness” encompasses many issues that affect the health of New York City residents, YouthAction participants focused their research and advocacy on the following: access to and education about healthy and affordable food; the health consequences of pollution; and ways to improve the environment of local communities. We found that many of these issues intersect, and that low-income communities are the most affected by the related negative health outcomes.

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