CCC TESTIMONY: Regarding The Proposed Amendments To Article 47 Of The New York City Health Code (Related To Child Care Services At Family Shelters)

Testimony & Public Comments

July 25, 2017

On July 26, 2017, CCC testified before the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regarding proposed amendments to Article 47 of the New York City Health Code, which would create regulations for a new category of child care programs, family shelter-based drop off child supervision programs.

While CCC testified in support of regulating these programs to ensure safety and quality, CCC’s testimony also opposed limiting the number of hours a child could be in such a program to 10 hours per week.

CCC’s testified that the City’s subsidized child care system does not have the capacity to serve all homeless children, particularly infants and toddlers and that not all homeless children are eligible for subsidized programs.  In addition, CCC’s testimony explained that homeless families, who tend to have a many appointments, need to have flexible access to these drop-off programs.

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