Statement from Citizens’ Committee for Children Executive Director Jennifer March on the President’s Proposed Budget

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May 24, 2017

Budgets are statements of moral and fiscal values. The President’s proposed Budget would severely cut funding for children’s health insurance, Medicaid, after-school programs, public housing, SNAP/food stamps, public education, student loan forgiveness programs, the child care tax credit, the earned income tax credit, medical research, and protections to the environment, while increasing tax cuts for the wealthy and investing in efforts to deport families living in America and build a border wall. This Budget does not reflect our country’s or New York’s values nor is it fiscally sound. CCC stands with New York’s and all elected officials and advocates who are committed to fighting back against these outrageous proposals because if enacted they would detrimentally impact the well-being of children and families and devastate communities here in New York and across the country.


About Citizens’ Committee for Children

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York educates and mobilizes New Yorkers to make the city a better place for children. Since 1944, our advocacy has combined public policy research and data analysis with citizen action. We cast light on the issues, educate the public, engage allies, and identify and promote practical solutions to ensure that every New York City child is healthy, housed, educated and safe. For more information on CCC, visit our web site at Stay up to date on the latest news and information regarding the well-being of New York City’s children by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


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