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Tell state leaders that access to early intervention is crucial to children’s development

Early Intervention (EI) provides critical evaluations and services to young children with developmental delays and disabilities. Years of underfunding and inadequate rates have led to provider shortages resulting in service delays for young children, particularly those in low-income communities of color. Nearly half of families whose children are evaluated and deemed eligible for EI services do not receive them within the legally required timelines, and a significant portion of services that are being provided are offered only via telehealth even when there’s an agreement that the child needs in-person services. As a result of deeply inadequate provider reimbursement rates, children are receiving delayed services or going without services at all during a pivotal time of brain development.

Take Action: Urge New York State to Support Early Intervention in the Budget

Your voice is needed – send the message to state leaders that kids with developmental delays and disabilities can’t wait any longer to receive the essential, life-changing services they need. Encourage leaders to invest in New York’s children early by including an 11% in-person increase in Early Intervention (EI) rates in the SFY2025 Enacted Budget. Let’s get children and their families the life-changing services they need to thrive!

Write State Leaders Today!

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