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Help Prevent Family Homelessness

Long before the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, many New Yorkers faced severe rent burden, overcrowded living conditions, unstable employment opportunities, and other immense challenges to their housing security. These needs are heightened now as many households have experienced considerable loss of income that have left over a million renters statewide struggling to pay rent and at risk of eviction.

The brunt of this crisis is being felt disproportionately by Black and brown families, who have experienced more Covid-19 related job loss and are much more likely to have fallen behind on rent payments than white households. Throughout the pandemic, the eviction moratorium has been critical to keep renters safely housed but it is far from a permanent solution.

Join us in urging state leaders to take action to ensure that New York’s families have access to the supports needed to maintain stable housing and prevent an increase in families with children entering shelter.

Among the actions needed in the state budget for fiscal year 2022, CCC is calling on the Governor and State legislature to establish a statewide rental subsidy and ensure that the 1.3 billion in federal assistance allocated to New York State through the Coronavirus Relief Fund are maximized to improve existing rental assistance resources, reduce barriers for applicants, and make these supports available to more renters.

Take action today to urge Governor Cuomo and your representatives to pass a state budget that ensures all children and families receive the support needed to remain stably housed!

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