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Fight Child Poverty

Even before the pandemic, child poverty has been a significant barrier to well-being for children throughout the state. CCC’s recent analysis, Child and Family Well-being in New York State found that over 800,000 children statewide lived in households below the Federal Poverty Level. In nearly all counties that had child poverty rates above the state average of 20.6%, more than 90% of families had one or both parents in the labor force.

As we consider the effects of the pandemic and the subsequent economic collapse, with about half of households reporting loss of income since March 2020, it’s clear that more must be done to end child poverty and increase economic security of families.

Please help us ensure that State leaders prioritize ending child poverty in the State’s COVID recovery efforts.

The experience of poverty has long-term impacts on child development and well-being. Trauma due to economic insecurity during childhood is known to effect brain development, health outcomes and growth trajectory. Structural and institutional barriers have disproportionately kept Black and brown New Yorkers living in or near poverty, leading children of color to experience poverty at nearly twice the rate of white children.

CCC is partnering with the Schuyler Center for Policy and Advocacy and several other allies in the fight to end child poverty to advance the Child Poverty Reduction Act (S.2755/A.1160), a unique opportunity for New York to commit to cutting child poverty in half in ten years with a targeted focus on advancing racial equity.

The Child Poverty Reduction Act would require the State to produce an annual public report of the effects that any adjustment or reduction by the director of the budget will have on child poverty; establish the Child Poverty Reduction Advisory Council to develop a plan to achieve this goal; require regular reporting to hold government to account; and direct the Advisory Council to evaluate policies proven to sharply reduce child poverty.

As part of the State’s poverty reduction efforts, CCC is also urging Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature to include several proven measures, including:

  • Strengthening and expanding New York’s Earned Income Tax Credit;
  • Expanding and strengthening New York’s Child Tax Credit especially to include young children
  • Expanding work training and employment programs
  • Increasing access to subsidized housing vouchers
  • Expanding access to subsidized child care


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