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New York Students Need Solutions, Not Suspensions

Schools should be a place of learning, exploration, and support. Sadly, it is impossible to create that environment when students are being suspended at alarming rates for prolonged periods of time. New York must end punitive measures and advance restorative practices that keep students learning and in the classroom.

New York leaders must pass the Solutions Not Suspensions bill (S.1040/A.5691), a bill that takes essential steps to end the reliance on suspensions as the default way to discipline students and instead establishes a framework to use proven restorative approaches to address student behavior and discipline. While this bill does not ban suspensions entirely, it would make suspensions a last resort and promotes alternatives that hold students accountable while creating a more holistic and supportive school climate.

Please take a few minutes to send a letter to state leaders urging them to pass the Solutions Not Suspensions Act – New York students deserve a chance for support and care.

Write state leaders today!