Act Now

Last week, the House voted to pass the Build Back Better Act, which included historic provisions to make the Child Tax Credit permanently refundable and ensure immigrant children will also be eligible.

The bill extends the Child Tax Credit for another year and makes it permanently refundable, which means that moving forward, the credit will remain available to caregivers who did not file taxes due to lack of  income. It would also allow immigrant children with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) to qualify for the CTC.

Even prior to the pandemic, approximately 700,000 children in New York State lived in poverty. Since March 2020, that number has only grown because of the pandemic and related economic decline.

The monthly payments made possible through the expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) this year is already making a world of difference. If made permanent and expanded to immigrant families, the CTC is expected to lift 250,000 New York children out of poverty and help 72,000 children who do not have social security numbers.

However, the bill is not final and these provisions could still be removed, taking away thousands of critical dollars from families still struggling with falling incomes and job loss during COVID-19. We strongly believe that to be successful in ending child poverty and advancing racial equity in New York and nationwide, we must ensure that these enhanced CTC benefits are made permanent and includes immigrant children and others without social security numbers.

Join us in urging New York’s Senators to build on these important reforms and establish a permanent child allowance to help families meet basic and essential needs.