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Take Action: Invest in Community-based Behavioral Health Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened behavioral health needs for children, youth and parents, and exacerbated challenges that families experience in accessing services. For years, the City Council has funded community-based initiatives that offer developmentally appropriate services and behavioral health supports. Last year, many of these initiatives faced damaging cuts in the budget. In light of the growing needs faced in communities citywide, we need your help to make sure funding for these initiatives is restored and increased. These initiatives include:

  • Opioid Prevention and Treatment supports neighborhood-based prevention & treatment efforts around opioid abuse, including overdose reversal drugs, to respond to the increased need for services to prevent overdose deaths.
  • Children under Five (CU5) provides mental health services to young children who have experienced trauma. CU5 has provided screening and psychotherapy to thousands of families, as well as mental health consultation services to numerous pediatricians, preschool teachers, and child welfare workers.
  • The Court-Involved Youth Initiative helps identify youth involved in the justice system who require mental health services, and provides family counseling and respite services to families of court-involved youth.
  • Autism Awareness supports wraparound services for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in after-school and summer programs and during school closings.

Other critical mental health initiatives that serve families and young people include Mental Health Services for Vulnerable Populations; the LGBTQ Youth Mental Health initiative; and Developmental, Psychological, and Behavioral Health Services.

Please send a letter to urge Mayor de Blasio and City Council members to ensure more children have access to important community-based behavioral health supports.

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